Free & Confidential Support

If you think you might be pregnant, know that you are not alone. ELM offers free and confidential services to help you find out if you’re pregnant and support you through your journey. Learn more about our services below and make your free appointment today.

Pregnancy Testing

Your first step if you think you might be pregnant is to take a pregnancy test after your missed period. Our center can provide you with free pregnancy testing and will discuss your results with you immediately during your appointment. Learn more about our pregnancy testing services.


After a positive result on a pregnancy test, your next step is to have an ultrasound performed. An ultrasound can tell you a variety of factors about your pregnancy, including how far along you are. ELM offers free, limited ultrasound services to women who have a positive pregnancy test result at our center. Learn more about our ultrasound services.


We offer a variety of free resources to women and men, including classes, programs and support groups. If you are interested in browsing our center’s resources, click here.
Click here to view our individual class information.

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