Parenting Support

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, one of your options is parenting. This involves carrying the pregnancy to term and caring for your child after birth. While this can seem overwhelming, especially if this isn’t what you expected for your future, just know that you can be a successful, loving parent no matter what.

Am I Ready to be a Parent?

You may be asking yourself, “Am I really ready to become a parent?” The answer is that no one is really ready to become a parent! Even people who planned to become pregnant have questions or concerns about parenting. Your life is about to change forever but in the best way possible.

During the next nine months, you have the opportunity to learn about your pregnancy and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to care for your child after he or she is born. The more you learn, the more prepared you’ll feel when your baby finally arrives!

Parenting Resources

ELM offers free parenting resources to individuals who choose to care for their children. We understand that raising a child can be difficult, confusing at times and expensive, which is why we provide services and support to help you along the way. We offer prenatal and parenting classes, along with a material assistance program to help new parents navigate the unchartered waters of pregnancy and parenthood while earning necessary baby supplies along the way. If you are interested in these programs, please reach out to us today!

You will never have this day again, so make it count.